Our planning agenda is ambitious. We begin with President Cornwell’s reflection on and articulation of the College’s mission and core values and vision for our future, continuing with activities as described last spring in the document  A Plan to Plan for the College of Wooster.

Our activities and timeline for the year are:

Mission, Core Values, Vision

8/25 – Fall Board meeting (10/10)

Key date: 10/7 Board meeting

Consensus building targeting endorsement by the Board at the October meeting.

Identify Target Outcomes

Mid-October — end of October

Identify mid- and long-range key indicators against which we will assess our progress. (Complete the statement: “Achieving our vision means we will…” in measurable, assessable terms)

Guiding Principles & Strategic Initiatives

November –February 2010

Checkpoint: 1/19 Exec. Cmte Meeting

Key date: 2/25 Board meeting

Identify the principles, in addition to our mission and core values, that will guide our choices of strategic initiatives and related activities.

Identify and broadly define multi-year strategic initiatives that will achieve our vision and the resources required to implement them.

Target endorsement by the Board at its Winter 2010 meeting.

Develop Plan

March –May 2010

Key date: 6/5 Board meeting

Working in an iterative process with students, faculty, staff, trustees and alumni, draft our plan, including initial specific actions and multi-year financial plan, targeting Board adoption in June 2010.

Click here for an illustrated activities & timeline list.