Process Update – November 3, 2014

Dear Fellow Scots,

I write to offer an update on our process to develop a sustainable budget for Wooster, bringing our forecasted revenues into alignment with our expenses, and to add further specificity about the timeline and phases of work.

Our Process

As a reminder, the process I outlined in late September has four phases and will span our academic year:

Process illustration 11-3-14

These phases overlap and are moving ahead at different rates in different areas, as we anticipated, because there are some decisions that we will need to make as early as the end of the fall semester given the timelines for certain actions and activities, such as faculty searches.

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Sustainable Budget Planning

Our planning work this year focuses on resource allocation and developing a sustainable budget for the College. To read more about our process, work, and updates, click here.


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2014-15 Strategic Priorities

Wooster continues to build a strong foundation in a challenging environment.  This year, we continue to build this foundation, and address the marketplace, media, and financial challenges of today’s higher education environment.  Read more about our Strategic Priorities for 2014-15.

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2013-14 Strategic Priorities Update

In 2013-14 we have committed to getting a great deal of important work done, building as we must on our hard-won momentum.  A check of our progress at the beginning of 2014 indicates that we are making good, if not excellent, progress on all of our strategic priorities for this year.    Read more here.

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2013-14 Strategic Priorities

Our documented, and “self-studied” evidence of our accomplishments of 2012-13 set the foundation for “a great deal of important work to be done” in 2013-14. In their annual Strategic Priorities memo, Board Chair Gunning and President Cornwell highlight the projects and initiatives that will continue to advance our mission.

Click here to read the 2013-14 Strategic Priorities memo.

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Sustaining our Momentum: Taking Stock of Our Progress

One of our 2012-13 strategic priorities was to complete our continuing accreditation research and evaluation. This was more than a self-study for our regional accreditor:  it was an important element of our on-going strategic planning process.  As we anticipated, the self-study and visiting team’s report provides us with an excellent framework for revisiting our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. We have accomplished much since we began our planning work in 2008, as we highlighted in “Chapter TWO” of our self-study.

Our self-study, visiting team report, our institutional response, and the Higher Learning Commission’s “affirmation letter” attest to our progress.  Visit our self-study site to explore our findings.

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2012-13 Strategic Priorities

In their annual Strategic Priorities memo, Board Chair Gunning and President Cornwell noted that the College begins “this year in a very good place, seeing ample grounds for confidence and optimism,” highlighting many of the accomplishments of 2011-12 and early indicators for 2012-13.  This year’s strategic priorities include continuing work on existing initiatives, as well as beginning work on new ones, such as the launch of APEX, campaign planning, and refreshing our planning efforts based, in large part, in the work for our self-study for continued accreditation.

Click here to read the 2012-13 Strategic Priorities memo.

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2011-12 Progress Update # 1

2011-12 is “a year of “implementation.”  It is clearly evident that we have been at work on implementing all of the priorities to support our strategic objectives.  Learn more about our progress

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2011-12 Strategic Priorities

On August 22nd President Cornwell, Scott Friedhoff, and Laurie Stickelmaier shared an update on the strategic situation of the College and our collective priorities for the year ahead.    The strategic theme for this year is implementation.

Click here to read the 2011-12 Strategic Priorities memo.

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Progress Update # 2 (2010-11 year end)

Our end of the year (2010-11) update:

We have made good progress on many of our priorities for 2010-11, thanks to the work of students, faculty, and staff across the campus. Some of our priorities have proved a bit more challenging than we anticipated; for others, our work has provided additional insight into how we can most effectively achieve our objectives, resulting in slight changes in our work plans.  The insights we take from this update will serve to inform our priorities in each area of the College for 2011-12 and our institutional strategic priorities for 2011-12.

Read the update.

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