2011-12 Strategic Priorities

On August 22nd President Cornwell, Scott Friedhoff, and Laurie Stickelmaier shared an update on the strategic situation of the College and our collective priorities for the year ahead.    The strategic theme for this year is implementation.

Click here to read the 2011-12 Strategic Priorities memo.

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Progress Update # 2 (2010-11 year end)

Our end of the year (2010-11) update:

We have made good progress on many of our priorities for 2010-11, thanks to the work of students, faculty, and staff across the campus. Some of our priorities have proved a bit more challenging than we anticipated; for others, our work has provided additional insight into how we can most effectively achieve our objectives, resulting in slight changes in our work plans.  The insights we take from this update will serve to inform our priorities in each area of the College for 2011-12 and our institutional strategic priorities for 2011-12.

Read the update.

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Progress Updates

Our first update:

In brief, it is clearly evident that we have been at work on all of the priorities that we have set for 2010-11.  We are making good progress on many priorities; others have either proved a bit more challenging than we anticipated, or we have determined aspects of them have warranted more detailed study, planning, or consultation before implementation.

Read the update brief and/or detailed report.

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Conversation Sessions

Two conversation sessions on The Strategic Framework have been scheduled:

For Students:  Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 7:30 p.m.  Kauke 237

For Staff: Tuesday, October 12, 2010, 2:00-3:00 p.m., Lean Lecture Hall

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Introducing “On Purpose: Our Strategic Framework”

A post from John Sell, faculty strategic planning liaison & Ellen Falduto, chief information and planning officer

Our summer planning assignment was to take our entire planning work product of the last year and compile our strategic plan framework.  We are now introducing the Framework to you.  While it may not reflect the traditional structure of a strategic planning document as Wooster has known in the past, its content should be very familiar to all of us.

On Purpose: Our Strategic Framework is the first edition of our agile, living-plan document.  Continue reading

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Strategic Planning Update: April 12, 2010

When we began our strategic planning process this time last year, you told us what you thought the strengths are that we should build the College’s future upon, what the problems were that we needed to address, where opportunities existed – both externally and internally – that we could use to our advantage, and where, again both externally and internally, we needed to be wary of threats that would impede our progress. Continue reading

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Progress Update 2011-12 (end of year)

We made good progress on the majority of our strategic priorities for 2011-12.  As a year focused on “implementation,” we opened two facilities that were designed to support our core mission,  progress continued on faculty and staff salary projects, and our self-study for continuing accreditation by the Higher Learning Commission was well underway.

It remains evident that we have been at work on implementing all of the priorities to support our strategic objectives.

Read the update.

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Strategic Statements Approved by the Board of Trustees

At its October 10, 2009 meeting, The College of Wooster Board of Trustees passed a resolution approving our Strategic Statements in principle, with the understanding that they are likely to undergo further refinement and revision as the planning process moves forward to the next stage: defining the multi-year strategic initiatives to achieve our vision and the resources required to implement them.  The Board also provided insightful comments on the statements; the statements, posted on this site, reflects those comments.

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Strategic Statements Draft 9.0 posted

“Draft 9.0″ of our Strategic Statements is now posted here. The comments from the conversation sessions are posted as well.  The blog pages with the initial draft and comments have been moved to the page “Strategic Statements – Original Draft & Blog Comments.” The College’s Board of Trustees will discuss — and hopefully approve — our strategic statements at its meeting this week (October 10, 2009).

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