Process Update – November 10, 2014


We are making good progress simultaneously on phases I and II of our process to develop a sustainable budget for Wooster.  In this update I will call attention to additional resources now available and to upcoming meetings of note.

To advance Phase I of the process – Building a Shared Understanding – new resources have been posted on the Sustainable Budget wiki (login required):

  • Budget 101 Presentation:  Here you will find a presentation developed and narrated by Dee McCormick on the basic features of the College budget.  Download the presentation and press play and it will run automatically.
  • GLCA Staffing Study:  In both 2009 and 2014 the GLCA undertook comprehensive staffing studies, cataloguing every administrative and staff position at each of the member colleges.  Through this study you can see exactly how Wooster is staffed compared to our peer colleges and how that staffing has changed in the last five years.
  • Financial Statements 1989-2013: Here you will find copies of the College’s audited financial statements from 1989 to 2013.  These show how and where the College’s revenues and expenses have changed through this period, but only in very general categories.  Finer grained analysis is underway.

To provide further opportunity for discussion and idea generation, the Staff Committee will sponsor a session on Thursday, 11/13, 2 to 3 p.m. in Lean Lecture Hall.

We are also currently working with SGA and with Campus Council to include students in the process.  Currently, SGA will sponsor open sessions on:

  • Wed 11/12, 6 to 7 pm in the Lowry Pit
  • Thurs 11/13, 12 to 1pm in CoRE
  • Mon 11/17, 4 to 5 pm in the Lowry Pit

Please recall that you are welcomed to submit sustainable budget ideas through the on-line suggestion box.  We will be adding a “frequently asked questions” page to our blog site.  These are questions we are hearing in our open sessions and from the campus via email and conversations.  You may submit questions on-line as well.

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