Strategic Planning

One of our most important priorities this year is planning. With the close of the Wooster’s Promise campaign on June 30, 2018, we will bring to culmination the work initially articulated in the planning processes of 2009-2011. It will be time, then, to begin charting our directions for the coming years. While we will maintain the bedrock of our mission, we will consider anew the ways we can best fulfill it, and deepen the realization of Wooster’s central promise for students of the coming decades. We will engage this process with our eyes open, bringing together our own sense as a community of the kinds of teaching, living, and learning that best serve our students with an honest understanding of the rapidly changing national and international environment in which we work. We will recommit to our central purpose – providing a superb education that prepares young people to become ethical and inclusive leaders with global perspective – while at the same time considering changes that will enable us to meet our commitments even more deeply. Our work will include careful consideration of our current strengths, challenges and opportunities, as well as better understanding the ways that the things we do now and the initiatives we are considering are understood by our future students.

Members of the College community may follow our planning work on our Strategic Planning site (login required)

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