Strategic Objectives & Initiatives

Discussions of our mission and vision by trustees, faculty, students, staff, and alumni have resulted in four overarching strategic objectives.

  1. To make continuous improvements in fulfilling our mission, offering a liberal arts education that is distinctive and demonstrably superior;
  2. To secure and enhance the availability of the human, financial, and physical resources needed to achieve our vision;
  3. To enroll a residential student body of at least 1800 students with a steadily improving mix of academic profile, diversity, and discount rate; and
  4. To cultivate a campus-wide and sustainable culture of planning as an effective, collective endeavor.

The current phase of our strategic planning process is focused on arriving at a discrete set of strategic initiatives, things we are going to do differently to move the College from where it is towards our collective vision of where we want us to be.   These initiatives will be clear statements of distinctive strategies that are consistent with our mission and core values and that will contribute to accomplishing one or more of our strategic objectives.

Our strategic objectives suggest that these initiatives will fall into three areas:

  • Core Mission (Educational Program)
  • Competitive Positioning & Enrollment
  • Resources

We are engaging the College community through our current governance structure.   Four planning task groups have been charged to identify, through brainstorming, strategic initiatives and related tactics.  They have also been asked to engage their colleagues and other constituencies in their work.

Two of our four planning task groups relate to our core mission, the other two relate to competitive positioning and enrollment and resources. Their reports, and updates, can be accessed by clicking on the links below (Wooster network password required to access report documents).

Now it’s time for you to help us shape and prioritize the strategic initiatives we should focus our energies upon, because the strategic initiatives we choose to undertake will impact all of us.

Please plan to join us at one or more feedback sessions. If you can’t attend a session, post comments here, or contact one or more of “leads” indicated above.

Feedback & Information Sessions:

April 12: “Big Five” faculty committees retreat
April 13: Staff Committee
April 21: Open session (students, faculty, staff) 10-11 a.m. , Scovel 105
April 21: Students (SGA sponsored) 7:30 p.m.  [location TBD]
April 22:  Faculty, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m., Lean Lecture Hall
April 24:  Alumni Board Meeting
April 27: Open session (students, faculty, staff) 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 noon, Lean Lecture Hall
April 27:  Administrative Strategy Group Spring Meeting

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